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Where the Alps meet the Sea.

Located in Northern Tuscany, the Apuan Alps is a protected area where you can find a huge range of walks. From very challenging singletracks to panoramic paths overlooking the sea, the Apuan Alps have it all: walk through enchanted forests, try to spot animals all around you, including wolves and eagles, or just take in the beautiful view from the top. We have selected the very best for you!

Walk in Tuscany

the old balloon Walk

This amazing hike takes you up to some of the best lookouts around Camaiore following the path that an old air balloon used to use to take people from the coast to the mountains. Overlooking the sea, you will walk on amazing singletracks surrounded by wonderful nature while getting to know the local history. This area has been cultivated by human hands for centuries. We will show you the very best of it, including an ancient cave which reveals a truly hidden side of Tuscany.

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Views from this hike

Monte Gabberi, hike in Tuscany

The Terrace and the Hidden Caves

Hike to the top of Monte Gabberi and enjoy the amazing views this scenic walk offers. The locals call this mountain 'The Terrace' for a reason: from the Maritime Alps or the Tuscan and French islands at the front or the Apuan Alps and Apennine ranges at the back, this peak will give you unforgettable memories to tell and the beauty of the hidden caves and their treasures will leave you totally in awe!

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Views from this hike

Apuan Alps Tuscany

View from this hike

Mt. Piglione, the Outsider

The Mount Piglione is probably the less known mountain around here. Part of the Southern end of the Apuan Alps, it will take your breath away with its particular shape and unforgettable views from its two tops. Enjoy walking on the ridge line from the first peak to the second, taking in the beauty of the two sides: the amazing Apuan Alps on one hand and the huge open Tuscan space on the other one. We're pretty sure you'll remember this lovely outsider for a very long time!

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