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Coastal paradise.

We are lucky at Explore Tuscany: the Cinque Terre area is just a short drive away! This spectacular World Heritage site speaks for itself however there is a lot more to explore around it away from the crowds. Just north or south of it there are many beautiful landscapes to be enjoyed, amazing tracks to be walked, nice little villages to be visited and lots of fun to be had. Take in the gentle coastal breeze and enjoy yourself!

Hiking in Tuscany and Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Hike through all the gorgeous, UNESCO heritage-listed villages along the Ligurian coast taking in the beauty or just walk part of this amazing trail, called the Sentiero Azzurro, enjoying some of the most stunning views you are ever likely to see: either way, this place will get right in your heart and you will be planning your return before you even leave.

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Explore Tuscany, walking in Tuscany

south of the cinque terre crowds…

South of the very popular Cinque Terre there is a beautiful area to be discovered away from the touristy crowds and off the beaten tracks. Walk on old paths that have been used for centuries by locals, breathe in the salty air, take in the vistas and enjoy genuinely local food. With its tiny little lanes and passageways close to the sea, this place has nothing less than the more popular neighbours. It's definitely one of the best kept Italian secrets.

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Awesome guided tours where I got to learn along the way. I did the Cinque Terre walk and recommend it!
— Jess, Western Australia