There are sheer cliffs with ancient caves, lush green, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous waterfalls. This hiking experience is one that I will never forget!
— Tracy, New York

From the moment you arrive in Tuscany, you get the sense that you are somewhere special. The region is vast and there are so many stories to share and adventures to discover in a part of the world that compares with no other.

Tuscany isn’t just about spectacular olive groves and vineyards. It also has a picturesque (and wild!) outdoor to be explored. That’s where we come in: getting you off the beaten Tuscan tracks delivering a unique mix of outdoor activities, culture, local traditional cuisine and history. In addition to giving you a fulfilling experience, we also run activities in one of the most popular locations you may know: the amazing Cinque Terre.

Our multilevel day hikes, long trips and mountain biking tours with the opportunity for Yoga and Pilates sessions allow you to pick the best deal for you, your family or your mates.

So, slow down and enjoy a taste of the Italian lifestyle.

Experience the world famous "La Dolce Vita"!

Born and raised in Northern Tuscany and as travellers ourselves, we understand what it takes to make your stay unforgettable. From a beautiful coastline to stunning alpine peaks, from bustling town centres to old slow-paced villages around the hills, from world-famous wineries to amazing local food, Tuscany and the nearby areas have all the ingredients to make your experience one to remember.

We also think that the best way to explore a new place is getting in touch with the locals who know the best hidden gems around.

So what better way if not coming on an adventure with us? Have questions?

Get in touch with us now!

Everyone needs some place beautiful.
— The Milk Carton Kids